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Virgo Contact Center Services Limited

A premium contact/call center service provider in Bangladesh, which is a land of 160 million people of which 25 million have finished or gone beyond undergraduate studies. More than 1.5 million of them can comprehend, write and speak fluent English.

Virgo Call Center has created the opportunity of millions of call center jobs by its call center services. It has been serving as a prominent contact or call center in Bangladesh, since the industry begun.

This opens the opportunity to employ quality call center managers and agents at far lower wages / prices compared to international standards. We can therefore pay the best in this industry and this enables us to hire & retain the brightest.


Inbound call centre - Exclusively or predominantly handles inbound calls (calls initiated by the customer).

Our comprehensive Outbound Telemarketing Services ensures that we generate significant revenues for our clients and provide a return on investment in as short a timescale.

Improving operational effectiveness in order to increase customer satisfaction levels is high on the agenda of all global corporations.